Art Pack - December 2021

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Art Pack - December 2021

0 ratings

What is this Art Pack about?

It is a collection of illustration, sketches, doodles and everything else I draw on each month. I also put brushes and tools information whenever I use them on my piece.

What is inside?

- x1 .PDF Art Booklet (22 pages, double spread)
- x17 Hi-Res Images + variants (.PNG + .GIF)
- x13 Videos + various speed (real time + fast, without VO)
- x16 Layered Files (.KRA + .CLIP)

Strictly for personal use only ⚠️

Feel free to learn from these files and add it to your art pack collections. 🧡 However:

The licence from this art pack is limited to personal use only. It is strictly prohibited to use otherwise, including, but not limited to: redistributing, repurposing, transforming, repackaging, reselling and sharing with 3rd parties.

All files in this art pack belong to Konayachi (https://konapple.me). All Rights Reserved.

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